Trends in food innovation

A recent study reveals that 52% of new products launched in the world are focused on the theme of pleasure.

Consumers (particularly in France, Germany, China or Russia) show an increased interest in new products
oriented « small pleasures, authenticity and terroir. »

« Natural, medical and vegetal » trends come second, weighing 22% of the food innovation sector. Internationally,
promises of naturalness, simplicity and highlighting of product origins are highly valuable. Convenience is only relevant for 15% of the innovations.
Minds are changing; as an example, the loss of enthusiasm for topics like « slim shape » went down (7.4% of innovations). Conversely, the trend around the ethical (fair trade) increased while its weight remains low (2.3%).

*Source Business Les Echos October 9, 2012 | relaying the results of a study by TNS Sofres-XTC world innovation.